Tarte Tatin ~ Don’t Jugde a Dish by the Picture (Gutsy Cook Club)

Oh boy, where do I start with this?  I love blog cooking clubs and participate in a few.  For the most part, I haven’t had any issues.  But that was all going to come to a crashing end.  The newest selection from the Gutsy Cook Club was going to bring me down.  Bring me down hard.

What was the dish, you ask?   A Tarte Tatin.  Yes, a Tarte Tatin.  Really, caramel, apples, pastry crust and a flip on to a plate.  Sounds simple huh?  Well, not so quick.  I made two, yes 2 !  I think I have truly produced the ugliest Tarte Tatin in the world.

It started off well…I mean, peeling and coring apples is so simple.  Making a crust is a breeze.

It looked great out of the oven…golden and bubbly caramel.

And then the flip.  Oh no…this won’t do.  It simply won’t do.

But is has to.  This was version 2.  Having said all of that (and thanks for putting up with the whining), it was FANTASTIC!  Really, it was excellent. My husband ate half of it after dinner and the other half today for breakfast!  A real ugly duckling with a swan waiting to break free.

PS.  Wondering why the recipe isn’t posted?  The group cooks from The Illustrated Kitchen Bible and posting recipes is frowned upon, copyright and all plus we want to see more gorgeous books from Victoria Blashford-Snell.  Join the group by clicking on the Gutsy Cook Club link above.


3 responses to “Tarte Tatin ~ Don’t Jugde a Dish by the Picture (Gutsy Cook Club)

  1. Michelle… it looks great to me… remember this is a “rustic” tart by the french, it’s not suppose to be perfect 🙂
    Nevertheless the thing that counts is that it tasted good – right *wink*.

    Welcome to Gutsy Cooks!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Welcome to the Gutsy Cooks Club!


  3. Welcome to Gutsy Cooks Club. I am sure you will enjoy cooking along with us. The recipes in this book are simple and all of them have been great so far. You can find me at

    so please stop by and have a look


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