Almond, Pear and Cherry Tart

Having just completed Gnocchi a la Parisienne from French Fridays with Dorie (it was fab, just posted), I was feeling a bit bored.  I needed a challenge until next Friday.

Sure, I could and do cook and bake without challenges but there must be other groups. What are they cooking?  Are they baking?  Or both? What are the rules?  Should I join another “challenge” group?

Latte in hand, I settled in to search the multitude of cooking blogs to see what was available.  As luck would have it, I found the Cookbook Challenge 2011.

I loved the idea…interpret 26 themes over 26 fortnights using cookbooks in my collection – no new books. I love the use of “fortnight”.  Don’t you?  How often do you hear “fortnight”?  In my little part of the world, not often.

How many of us have cookbooks that we have used once, twice, maybe three times?  I definitely fall into that category.  I have cookbooks that haven’t seen the light of the kitchen in years.  What a great opportunity to dust off long neglected books fortnight after fortnight.

Time was of the essence, the first deadline was one day away!  Challenge one was stone fruit.

I was going to have to complete this challenge with ingredients on hand…no time for a trip to the market.  What did I have?  Cherries and pears.  Not overly exciting but it would have to do.  A french almond, pear and cherry tart?  Yep, that would work.

Using two cookbooks, Around My French Table and Ready for Dessert, I headed to the kitchen to make the crust (Ready for Dessert), almond cream (Around My French Table) and the final tart (David Lebovitz‘s website – OK…I may have cheated a bit using a website to pull it all together but hey, I was under a tight deadline!).  Two cookbooks and a website.

Good challenge!

I loved David Lebovitz’s tart crust as there was NO rolling required and it was heavy enough that I could skip the pre-baking (tick tock, tick tock)…once the almond cream had chilled for an hour or so, quick assembly and into the oven.  The real challenge was going to be shooting pictures as it was late and dark!

Almond, Pear and Cherry Tart

Almond, Pear and Cherry Tart

Almond, Pear and Cherry Tart

Hastily planned, assembled and baked but I did not miss the fortnight!  I must say, it was delightful!

I am ready for challenge two and promise to be prepared…I have a fortnight to plan!

Linked to:  Make it with…Mondays.


6 responses to “Almond, Pear and Cherry Tart

  1. Oh this looks right up my alley. I love the combination of pears and cherries, and the no roll pastry sounds wonderful!

  2. Pears and cherries is a great combination. Welcome to the challenge.

  3. This looks like a delicious tart Michelle. I look forward to your next post.

  4. How gorgeous! I’ve never, ever worked with any form of pastry before, so this is awes-inspiring to my mind 🙂

  5. Wow, Michele – I love this tart – cherry, pear & almond seems like a fantastic combo, and I love that you pulled this together from two different cookbooks & the web as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing with Make it with … Mondays, challenge almonds. I’m going to check out that Cookbook Challenge now 🙂


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